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Natural Raw Honey

40.00 gm

250.00 gm

500.00 gm

59.00 50.00

Unprocessed - Unpasteurized - Unstrained 

We Have Offer You Honey In Its Most Natural Form And 100% Raw . Unlike Processed Honey Prabodham Raw Honey Is Completely Free Of Antibiotics And Pesticides . Its Narturally Antibactarial And Is A Great Supplement To Your Diet.

CSE Reported That Commercial Honey Sold By Major Brands In India Are adulterated With Sugar Syrup

Go For 100% Original Raw honey 

Processed Honey VS Raw Honey

Processed Honey :

  • Destroys Beneficial Enzymes By Heat Pasteurization
  • Remove Antioxidants
  • May Contain Antibiotics
  • Main Ingredients : highfructisecorn syrup(HFCS)
  • HFCS Is Commonly Derived From GMO Corn

HFCS Has Been Linked to Diabetes , Obesity,Hypertension And Liver Damage

Raw Honey :

  • All vitamins , Nutrients And Enzymes Intact
  • Anti- Viral And Anti - Fungal Properties
  • Contains Powerful Antioxidants
  • Helps Ward Of Allergies
  • Help Stabilize Blood Pressure And Balance Sugar Levels
  • Boosts Immune Function
  • Help Heal Skin Conditions 

Promotes Digestive Health

HFCS Leads To Plaque Buildup And Narrowing of Blood Vessels.

You Can Use Daily As Per Your Requirment And Get Benefites Of All Nutrients And Vitamins .