Lypo-C is an Encapsulated Vitamin C tablet that plays a vital role to keep you healthy and fit by strengthening your immunity.

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Prabodham Lypo-C is a clinically tested Vitamin C Tablet designed for immunity boosting.

Intake of Prabodham Lypo-C Capsules for Immunity Booster has many benefits such as:



    • It consists of antioxidants that are helpful in strengthening your body’s natural defense against the Coronavirus.
    • Antioxidants are proven to be highly effective against the free radicals.
    • Consumption of Capsules for immunity booster,  increases the blood antioxidant levels by 30% which contributes in enhancement of the body’s natural defense.
    • They are very useful to fight inflammation and other gastrointestinal disorders.
    • Lypo- C lowers your blood pressure, increasing the efficiency in secretion of pituitary glands.
    • Intake of Lypo-C encapsulated strengthens other cardio- diseases.
    • Lypo-C increases the blood circulation.
    • It provides nutrients and nourishment essential for a healthy heart.
    • High Blood Pressure, Chronic Heart Diseases or Low Blood Pressure can be controlled by intake of capsules for immunity booster.
    • In a nutshell, they reduce the risks of heart- diseases.

3. Prevents gout by reducing uric acid levels in blood:

    • Lypo-C is very effective against the chronic Gout. Gout is a type of arthritis, that is characterized as a sudden and incredible pain which involves the inflammation of the joints. 
    • Vitamin C reaches to the deeper end of cells and heals the joint swelling.
    • High uric acid levels in blood leads to Gout pain. Hence, Vitamin C Tablets are efficient in reducing the uric acid level in blood.
    • Uric acid is generally a crystallized waste product deposited in the joints which are produced by the body at high levels.
  1. Helps prevent iron deficiency
    • Iron is an essential nutrient that has a variety of functions in the body. 
    • It increases the production of Red Blood Cells (RBC) and helps in respiration functions by transporting oxygen throughout the body.
    • Vitamin C capsules for immunity booster help improve the iron absorption in the body.
    • Vitamin C breaks down the complex iron from the diet making it easier for absorption by the body.
    • As a result, Vitamin C Tablets may help reduce the risk of anemia among people prone to iron deficiency.
  1. Lypo-C Boost Immunity
    • The important function of Vitamin C Immunity Booster Tablets is to strengthen the body immune system.
    • It also acts as a preventive barrier for the skin which protects it from foreign germs or bacteria from invading in the body.
    • It is very important in the treatment of pneumonia.
    • Vitamin C immunity booster helps encourage the production of white blood cells (WBC) known as lymphocytes and performs the mechanism of phagocytosis by phagocytes, which help protect the body against infection 
    • As these immunity booster tablets enhance the WBC growth, the wounds heal faster as a result.
    • It is very effective against anaemia.
  1. Sharpens Your Brain and Increase Memorising Capability
    • After a certain period, your brain cells get weaker and age as you grow old. To protect these cells Vitamin C is essential
    • There are certain factors such as illness or genetic heritage which may lead to premature ageing. Hence Vitamin C, enriched with antacids, fights ageing.
    • Lypo-C provides deep nourishment to the brain cells with many nutrients that are necessary for maintaining a healthy mind.
    • It increases the concentration capacity.
    • Gives relaxation to nerve cells of the brain, stretching and relaxing the collagen-fiber.
  1. Empowers Eyesight
    • Those who have a weak eye sight, need Vitamin C in large amounts to strengthen their eyesight.
    • Lypo-C engulfs the harmful UV rays and other substances that affect retina.
    • It is an excellent ingredient used in the treatment of retinal diseases.
  1. Effective Against Cancer & Preserve DNA fragments
    • Prabodham Lypo-C has developed Vitamin C Tablets are immunity booster tablets that can provide you other health benefits such as Cancer.
    • They are used as an essential component to fight the cancer cells of the body.
    • It retains the genetic information and preserves DNA fragmentation.
    • DNA fragmentation consists of several important genetically engineered combinations for Amino acid codons.
    • Preserving DNA, also Preserves cells from ageing.
  1. It is highly recommended for skin care and hair care
    • Vitamin C is enriched with citric acid and antacids which nourishes and moisturise your skin
    • It gives you a healthy, glowing and smooth skin.
    • Vitamin C is the key to defeat dandruff and hair- fall problems.
    • They provide your hair with many nutrients that protects your hair from split ends and gives you strong, thick hair.

Providing your body with certain vitamins, minerals or other nutrients in the form of Capsules for immunity booster improves the immune response and potentially protect your body against the external germs and viruses.

Key Benefits of Lypo-C Vitamin C Tablets are:

    • Prabodham Lypo- C are the capsules for immunity booster, specialised in iron absorption and other minerals.
    • Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, that your body cannot produce itself and perhaps, it has to be consumed as a supplementary.
    • It has many vital roles to play in immune functioning of your body that is necessary for strengthening health and body hygiene.
    • Vitamin C is water-soluble, found in vegetables or fruits. Oranges are said to be the most enriched Vitamin C fruit that includes many health and beauty benefits for your body.
    • They are very essential for the growth and development of the body.
    • Lypo-C is enriched with many nutrients which prevent the loss of essential oils from the body.
    • They engulf the foreign particles that invade the body with phagocytosis.
    • They are effective against cancer, gout, retinal infections, skin problems and hair treatment.


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