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Hair Fall Control & Hair Re-Growth Kit

1.00 kit

2,199.00 2,199.00

Benefits Of Ar ka:

Premature Graying,Hair Fall Control,Boost Hair Density,Prolong Hair Life cycle,Nourishiny Brittle End Damaged Hair.Stimulate Hair Follicles And help Follicles To Develop Again And Make Original New Hair.

Benifits Of Hair Oil:

Stop Hair Fall,Make Scalp Healthy With Provide,Natural Nourishment To Scalp,Protect With Dust Particles & Foreign Boost Hair Growth And Make It Healthy & Shiny.

Benifits Of Shampoo:

Nourishes Scalps & Hair Roots.Give Long Lasting Moisturized Shiny ,Prevent hair fall & Premature Hair Graying With Reduced Formation Of Split Ends. Lustrous Hair Ever. Rise Lustrous Hair Ever. 

After Washing Your Hair With Shampoo,Apply The Ar ka Directly On The Scalp And Gently Massage With Fingertips.For Better Result Use It In Morning As Well As In Evening.Visible Result May Ocur Within 2 Weeks.