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Giving you a feel of refreshment, clean and a glowing face, our Orange & Ginger face wash consists of powerful anti-oxidants that can cleanse your skin and remove dirt.

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Now Goodbye to your oily, dull skin & say Hello to your clean and beautiful cheeks!

Prabodham introduces you to Natural Orange and Ginger Face Wash which gives a magical feeling of divinity. 

Feel the sensual warmth of Ginger on your skin indulged with an Orange fragrance.

  • Prabodham Orange and Ginger Face wash are 100% natural and long-lasting.
  • It gives you the freshness of nature with a sweet aroma of Orange indulged with nutrients of Ginger.
  • This Natural Face Wash has proven very effective against pimples, blackheads, white-heads and acne.
  • It restores essential oils making your skin healthier and glowing.
  • Ginger extracts are antacids enriched, that enters deeper into the cells and enhances cell turnover, giving you a natural young-looking face.
  • Ginger enhances blood circulation and slowdowns the wrinkle formation.
  • Orange enters deeper into the cells and provides nourishment with Vitamin-C, and several other nutrients.
  • It tightens the cell preventing entry of germs, dust and foreign particles into skin.
  • This Organic Face Wash acts as natural exfoliation for your skin which reduces dark circles and acne.
  • It provides gentle cleansing, giving you smooth and fair skin.
  • Vitamin E present in orange fights  free-radicals and premature ageing.


  1. GENTLE CLEANSING: Face is delicate and needs to be handled with gentle care. Orange and Ginger are enriched with Citric Acid and Antacids which enter deeper into the cells, gently removing all the impurities such as germs, dust, pollutants, etc. from your skin.
  2. MOISTURISING AND NOURISHMENT: Prabodham Natural Face Wash acts as a protective layer on your skin preventing entry of foreign chemicals or other particles which are harmful to your skin.
  3. NON-STICKY/ OIL FREE LOOK: The stickiness from sweating all day, pollution or dust is quite irritating but this Skin Care Face Wash is designed for your daily routine. Its fast-absorbing and deep cleansing nature assure you a non-sticky feel, which is perfect for all occasions.
    • Prabodham Orange and Ginger Face Wash is clinically tested and certified for natural ingredients. The Orange and Ginger extracts present have rich-nutrients value.
    • There are about more than 40 antioxidants present in Ginger, which fights the revealing signs of ageing. 
    • Ginger helps your skin to flush out the pollution-toxins and stimulates proper blood circulation.
    • Oranges consist of rich-citric acid which cures skin exfoliation and dry out acne.
    • Vitamin C enhances the collagen and elastin in the body that keeps skin younger and supple.

Why does your skin need a Natural Face Wash?

Due to everyday dust, pollution and sweating from the hectic schedule, your skin goes through dramatic changes. There are tons of factors that affect your skin in day-to-day life, however, you need to take proper precautions and care for your skin.

Environmental Effects:  

The environment has a greater impact on your skin.

    • Your skin especially tends to dry over winter as the cold wind dries out your skin leaving cracks all over your face. 
    • Hot showers & heaters also result in skin-dryness as they can dry out the moisture from your skin, leaving it flake and rough. 
    • The hot-summer strips off the hydration from your skin.
    • The hot-dry breeze can damage skin-cells as they cannot tolerate high- temperatures.

Perhaps, your skin needs nourishment and moisture in all the seasons.

Pollution Effects: 

    • One of the most causes of skin problems is pollution. 
    • The harmful and toxic chemicals in the air enter your skin, and further chemicals and germs damage your skin which leads to pimples and acne.
    • It also damages your skin permanently.

Prabodham has brought you Natural Face Wash, designed to remove the impurities, dust, oil, germs, dirt and pollutants. Finding an effective Face Wash which suits your skin is a tough call. But you can relax, Prabodham Natural Orange and Ginger Face Wash are suitable for all skin types. After all, a healthy-looking skin boosts confidence and gives an attractive outlook to your personality.

Benefits of Organic Face Wash:

    1. Organic Facial cleansers can retain total moisture control giving a natural glow to your skin for a longer time.
    2. They are long-lasting than other inorganic face washes.
    3. Antioxidants characteristic of orange fight free radicals and slow down the wrinkles and avoid premature ageing.
    4. You can feel the softness on your skin with a soothing fruity aroma of oranges on your skin.
    5. The pigmentation of Ginger is helpful in healing scars, acne and wrinkles.
    6. The antioxidant property of ginger softens the skin providing an even tone to your skin.

So, applying Prabodham Orange and Ginger Face Wash will smoothen your skin, provide moisture and nourishment, maintaining a healthy-glowing barrier for your skin.

In a nutshell, Prabodham Orange and Ginger Face Wash is the perfect resolution for all your skin problems. 

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75 ML

Key Ingredients

Orange, Ginger, Aqua, Glycerin

Key Features

Natural Glow, Acne Control, Deep Cleansing

Best Before

24 Months


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