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This orange and ginger body wash gives you a soothing feel and refreshes your senses with every drop. With a quick burst of freshness this body wash will rejuvenate your mind and appease you for the rest of the day. Energize your mind and maintain the moisture with our body wash, in just one shower feel the oozing freshness.

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Environmental changes and several other factors can impact your skin in day-to-day life. Therefore, it is necessary to keep moisture intact in skin constantly to avoid unhealthy, dry & dull skin. Skin care body wash keeps your skin glowing, smooth, and moisturised. It encourages cell-turnover, and preserves the essential oils in your skin, preventing entry of harmful pollutants and dust into the cells. There’s nothing more luxurious than a soothing hot shower or a long relaxing bath  relieves your stress. It’s even better when you indulge with a natural body wash that nourishes your skin feeling with fragrance of real fruits and nutrients of herbs without stripping off the natural oils from your skin.

Prabodham has brought you Organic Body Wash made from 100% natural ingredients.

Now, feel the Magical touch of divinity with Prabodham Beauty and Cosmetics.

Feel the divine touch of nature with the aroma of sweet and fresh orange on your skin with nutrients of ginger.


Why Do We Need A Body Wash?

  • Your skin goes through sweat, toxic pollution, the stickiness of oil and dust particles. So, it is important to rub and wash your skin gently with a body wash.
  • Bathing in hot water with Body wash cleans your skin and gives relaxation to your muscles.
  • Body wash these days are packed full of chemicals like parabens, silicones, etc. Right from the fragrance to the ingredients, everything in these body washes is synthetic.
  • Skin is the most delicate part which needs gentle care and nutrients for a healthy and glowing body.
  • Vitalize your skin with Natural Orange and Ginger with Prabodham Organic Body Wash

Benefits of Orange and Ginger Body Wash

  • Prabodham Natural Body Wash is a paraben-free combination of Orange and ginger.
  • It consists of a natural balance of essential oils from orange and ginger.
  • Ginger-extracts enter deeper to the primary layer of your skin and increase blood circulation.
  • This body wash is Organic and Biodegradable.
  • It consists of high-fibers that gives you attractive and bouncy skin.
  • Orange & Ginger Body wash acts as a mild cleanser and moisturises your skin.
  • Citric acid from oranges gives a natural glow to your skin.
  • Oranges are packed with Vitamin-C, Thiamine, folate and potassium which goes deeper into the cells and provides nourishment.
  • It maintains hydration of skin so that your body won’t face dryness.
  • It provides natural conditioning to your body, giving you natural smooth skin.
  • You can use this body wash without worrying about any skin allergies or rashes.
  • It has antacids from ginger which heals the dry skin.
  • It gives long-lasting freshness and confidence.
  • It fights free radicals and other impurities of the skin.
  • Ginger protects rupture of DNA and maintains your good health.
  • It also encourages cell-turnover and tightens the collagen-fiber together at the cell level. The loose muscle fibers are the culprit which allows outside pollution and chemical impurities to the body
  • It gives you smooth skin within a few days of use.
  • Orange and ginger extracts create a protective layer on your skin which further prevents entry of any dust particles or pollutants into the body cells.
  • This organic body wash is clinically tested and safe to use.


Prabodham Organic Body Wash is:

  • Made from 100℅ natural ingredients.
  • Composed of Orange & Ginger
  • Paraben-Free Body Wash
  • Goes with all skin-types
  • Allergy-free contents
  • Certified and Clinically Tested
  • Excellent body-wash for nourishment and moisturising.

Your body can often face rashes and allergies from sweating, pollution and chemicals from other inorganic skin care products. To maintain your skin healthy, smooth and clear, there are a variety of skin care products available in the market. Body washes are actually more beneficial than soap- bars for skin as soap contains high concentration of parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). But even if it is in a lesser content, the body wash you use, probably may contain chemicals. That’s the reason people are nowadays going for organic skin care products.

Effects of Organic Body Wash on skin

  • It includes Natural Ingredients such as fruits and herbs.
  • It has effective skin treatment properties.
  • Organic body washes are eco-friendly.
  • They are rich in Vitamins-B12, antacids, Vitamin-C, Minerals, essential oils, have a natural fragrance of fruits, etc.
  • They show no-side effects as it is Organic.
  • They don’t harm nature, and they’re biodegradable.
  • They provide nourishment to the skin, and give smooth and fair skin.
  • It heals dry skin and helps to keep your body hydrated.
  • It has a long-lasting effect on your skin.

What’s in Prabodham Organic Body Wash-

  • Prabodham Organic Body Wash is the best natural skin product as it is made from totally natural ingredients.
  • It consists of extraction of Orange indulged with Ginger.
  • The fresh/ natural ingredients of organic body washes provide rich Vitamins, minerals and other essential oils.
  • Essential oils are the most important factor for having a healthy, smooth skin. They lock the moisturiser in cells, increasing the overall blood circulation of your body.
  • This gives freshness and the smell of original fruit which boost your energy.
  • The rich-antacids of ginger protects the body cell from damage.
  • It provides deepening nourishment to the skin, giving a natural glow.

So if you’re looking for the best Organic Body Wash then, Prabodham Orange and Ginger Body Wash is definitely the right choice for you.

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100, 200, 400

Key Ingredients

Orange, Ginger, Aqua, Glycerin

Key Features

Refresh Body, Appease Soul, Energize Mind

Best Before

24 Months


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