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Prabodham Body Lotion is a Natural/Organic Body Lotions are designed for your gentle skin made from orange and ginger.
Feel the sensual warmth of Ginger on your skin indulged with an orange fragrance.

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Prabodham Body Lotion is a Natural/Organic Body Lotions are designed for your gentle skin made from orange and ginger.
Feel the sensual warmth of Ginger on your skin indulged with an orange fragrance.

Prabodham beauty and Cosmetics provide Natural/ Organic Body Lotions which give a divine feel to your body and caresses your mind.

Prabodham Moisturizing Body Lotion act as a protective layer on your skin. These organic body lotions last longer than any other body lotion. The gentle nourishing to your skin helps stay hydrated throughout the day.

The stickiness from most of the body lotion is quite irritating but, these Skin Care Body Lotions are designed for your daily routine.
Its fast-absorbing nature assures you a non-sticky feel, which is perfect for all occasions.

Natural ingredients of Prabodham Skin Care Body Lotions give pure nourishment to your body with essential vitamins, minerals and other compounds. The primary contents of this lotion are orange and ginger.
Ginger consists of more than 40 antioxidants properties that fight the revealing signs of ageing.
Ginger not only helps your skin by flushing out pollution-toxins, but it also stimulates proper blood circulation. formation
Oranges have a rich content of citric acid which cures skin exfoliation and dry out acne.
Vitamin C enhances the collagen and elastin in the body that keeps skin younger and supple.

Key Benefits:

1. These Organic Body Lotions can retain total moisture control on your body giving a natural glow to your skin.
2. It has proven effective against ageing and wrinkle problems.
free radicals.
3.Antioxidants characteristic of orange fight free radicals and slow down the wrinkles and avoid premature ageing.
4. Prabodham Moisturizing Body Lotions also prevent skin acne, wrinkles, sagging, and gives a natural glowing look.
5. Feel the softness with a soothing fruity aroma of oranges on your skin.
6.The pigmentation of Ginger is helpful in healing scars, acne and wrinkles.
7. The antioxidant property of ginger softens the skin providing an even tone to your skin.
8. It can be used for massages. Massaging your skin gives body- cells a relaxation and gentle protection.
9. In a nutshell, Prabodham Moisturizing Body Lotions ate anti ageing lotion which can fight against acne, blackheads, pores, scars, tan, free radicals improving the overall look of your skin.
10. The best part of this Moisturizing body lotion is, suitable for all skin types and people who often suffer from allergy can freely apply this lotion on the body.

Why does your skin need a body lotion?

Environmental changes and several other factors can impact your skin in day-to-day life. So, it is necessary to keep your skin hydrated constantly to avoid unhealthy and dull skin. Skin care body lotions or moisturizers keep your skin hydrated, glowing and elastic. It encourages cell-turnover, and preserves the essential moisture levels in your skin, preventing dry and dull skin.
Finding an effective lotion for your body is the toughest task ever as skin is delicate and needs to be handled with extra care. That’s why a lotion suitable for all skin types that can fight free radicals, ageing, acne, tan, etc is a boon.

That’s why Prabodham has brought you a one-stop solution for your skin dryness. These are long-lasting Moisturizing Body Lotions with deepening nourishment. The organic body lotion consists of orange and ginger contents.
Now say goodbye to your dull & damaged skin, welcome your new lightening and hydrated skin with Prabodham Natural Body Lotion.
After all, a healthy-looking skin boosts your confidence and gives an attractive outlook to your personality.
Factors affecting the skin:
Winter Problem: Your skin especially tends to dry over winter as the cold wind dries out your skin leaving cracks all over your body. Besides, the hot showers or heaters can also result in skin dryness as they can zap the moisture from your skin, leaving it flakey and rough.
Summer Problem: Not just the cold seasonal wind but the hot-summer breeze can dry out your skin as well. Because of the hot-dry breeze, skin can be damaged as cells cannot tolerate high- temperatures.
Pollution: One of the most causes of skin problems is pollution. The harmful and toxic chemicals in the air can affect your skin negatively. It ruptures your cells, and pollutants can easily enter in your skin and damage your body leading to an unhealthy skin condition.

Your body needs nourishment and moisturizing in all seasons.

So, applying Skin Care Body Lotions smoothen your skin and maintain a healthy- glowing barrier.

Freshness of Orange and Healthy properties of Ginger:

It’s said that the skin is the most delicate and sensitive part of the body with moisturizing body lotions Chemical contents are often harmful to skin, and that’s why Natural/ Organic Body Lotions or other organic skincare products are more in trend nowadays. Use of natural herbs and fruits consists of pure glucose, fructose, vitamins and minerals.
Now, unlock the natural feel of orange and ginger on your skin. Oranges are Vitamin-C enriched which gives deepening nourishment to your skin and locks moisture for a longer duration in your skin. Oranges are packed with rich- citric properties that not only help in cleansing skin but also fights wrinkles and ageing It leaves a fresh trail of orange infused with a sweet and light sour flavour. The calming aroma of the lotion takes you back to the light summer breeze which lights up your mood.
The freshness of the Moisturizing Body Lotions give you a new confidence to step out and rock the world. Herbs have always been proven to be the most effective since ancient times. It makes your skin smooth and healthy-looking. The rich-medicinal properties of ginger and citric-acid of orange in these Skin Care Body Lotions are very effective. The ginger contents in lotion have anti-ageing properties, and also reduce blackheads, acne and free radicals. This Natural Body Lotion has skin lightening and brightening properties which give a natural glow to your skin within weeks. This lotion has no side effects or skin allergic reactions after applying.


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100, 200, 400

Key Ingredients

Orange, Ginger, Aqua, Glycerin

Key Features

Paraben Free, Quick Absorption, Long Lasting Moisture

Best Before

24 Months


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